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Salt River Sculpture Studio

Photo Gallery

Our Story; Marking Time (proposal 2015) Our Story; Marking Time (proposal 2015) Bowman Valley and Woodsdale School Bowman Valley and Woodsdale School represent days gone past that developed our shared present and future. As I peer from our intended sculpture installation, I ask, "How do I move forward with this project until I look back at our legacy, our story. 197959457 Our Story initial 3D sketch I considered first wood carving a model of the intended site specific sculpture, Our Story. What a lot of work that would have been--and difficult to revise. 197959458 Our Story model--stage one (facing south) Cut modeling styrofoam in dimensions proportionately scaled to match the intended form from 4 Bedford Limestone blocks each measuring 8' x 4' x 3-2'. At a 1 to 12 ratio, each inch in the model represents one foot in actuality. 197959459 stage one (facing south) 197959460 Our Story--stage two (facing north) Carve and file the styrofoam into the rough form that follows installation but precedes detailed relief carvings of collaborative images that will occur in stage three. 197959461 stage two (facing south) 197959462 Our Story--stage three (facing north) Draw details of collaborative designs, their representative size, and collaborative artists' designations. (For Example, an 'E' represents an elementary school in Bullitt County.) 197959464 Our Story--stage three Our Story will have 24 collaborative relief "pictures." The pictures represent the winning design by each designated entity. Also 4 'illuminated' letter reliefs will begin four original poems and actually spell LOVE. Looking Back, Moving Forward in love. 197959463 OUR STORY--sketch 3-30-2015 I can imagine what can happen here, in this place, in this time. I look back and forth, move back and forth in the literal and figurative carving and sharing and telling or our story--Our Story. 197959943 MARKING TIME--model in progress What if, instead of or with, "Our Story" scrapbook, we carved 25 individual bookmarks. Each school, the community, and myself (25 entities) designed and carved in limestone an image and text that told our shared story. Looking Back, Moving Forward would literally and figuratively become our shared task. I love this possibility, this marking of good and bad times. 197969511